Thursday, November 13, 2008

For All the "High Tech Rednecks" Out There

As some of you may know, when not in the classroom this fall I've spent a lot of my time working at a local archery shop called "High Tech Outdoors and Archery." And, as an official Bowtech Dealer, owner Brecht Sprouse couldn't have come up with a better shop name.

Archery is a mathematical sport. There is intense geometry, mind boggling physics and statistics come as part of an average day on the job. Mr. Sprouse said he fell in love with all of this at a very young age and often baffled his friends with his ability to talk science, archery and hunting all within the same sentence. He said that his friends began calling him a "High Tech Redneck" due to his knowledge and the name has hung with him ever since.

All that being said, there has been word in the archery world that a particular company is about to release a bow that shoots 360 fps. A speed that was once thought achievable only by crossbows, this bow would be an incredible break through in speed for the bow industry. But that got me thinking, why not 380 or 400fps? What is the limit? Well friends, take a look at this website here and check out just what math does go into the creation of a bow. As I was, I'm sure you'll be amazed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Congratulations Are in Order

Well, it always gets the heart pumping when you see a nice buck that has been taken. Of course, if its a good friend that takes the buck the excitement is even that much greater. We just wanted to take a second to extend our congratulations to Mike Kern for taking the spectacular buck pictured here. He took this buck in Bedford County as it was chasing a hot doe during the middle of the day. The split main beam is antler character that few people in life are lucky enough to see. Congratulations to him for a great buck! Looks like he shoots the muzzleloader a little better than he shoots a basketball! (Just Kidding Mike)

Heading closer to home, Cody and I are still having a tad bit of a slow year in the deer woods. We've been seeing fewer deer than we have in past years and have seen very little movement during the day light hours. We know the deer are there, we just have to be both patient and persistent during this sometimes grueling waiting process. If Jim Shockey can hunt in Alberta dawn to dusk for 21 straight days at negative temperatures waiting on the right buck and Lee Lakosky can bow hunt 51 straight days in Iowa without even drawing his bow, I think we can be patient as well!

With hunting season in full swing we wish you the best of luck and hope that your seasons have been a success thus far. Don't forget, the rutting moon is this Thursday night and the effects of photoperiodism should be in full effect beginning this weekend. The rut will soon be on! Good luck everyone and remember to hunt hard and smart and always remember, its much more than a pursuit when you're in the deer woods this time of year.