Sunday, April 19, 2009

Food Plot Update

With Spring Green Up alive and well here we figured it was time to give a quick update as to how our food plots are coming along. We still have 3 active food plots planted with Imperial Whitetail Clover that are coming back quite nicely. Clover started popping through the ground around mid-March and, although they likely didn't need it this year, we still frost seeded each of the plots to try and extend their longevity and increase the tonnage produced in each. Given the amount of rain we have had, following a couple weeks of warm sunlight the plots will be lush and ready to provide our deer herd with enhanced spring and summer nutrition!

We also have created two new food plots this year totaling 1.5 acres about which we are very, very excited. Not only are these the two biggest food plots we will have, but we will also be planting them with Imperial Whitetail PowerPlant. Powerplant is extremely attractive to whitetails and provides the highest level of protein on the market. The great thing about Powerplant, though, is that it can grow up to 6 feet in height! Its seed has a mixture of Sunflowers, Soybeans and LabLab all of which are capable of excessive vertical growth. The LabLab and Soybeans use the fast growing sunflowers as a trellis for structural support so that they can grow up rather than horizontally on the ground.

While the nutritional value is second to none, PowerPlant also provides increased habitat as its height and thickness provides a "jungle" of sorts in which deer love to bed and feed. We are extremely excited to see the affect this plot has on our deer herd. We're hoping it provides nutrition, increase the property's carrying capacity AND provides for some awesome summer photo-ops. We will get some pictures up of the plot itself sometime around late-June as it will not be planted until mid-May because Soybeans are intolerable to frost and cold seed beds.

Well, while hunting season may be over 5 months away it is still a busy time in the deer woods. From food plots to mineral stations, there is definitely no time for rest as summer rapidly approaches. And, regardless of what the reason may be for going out, Spring Green Up is an amazing time to be in the woods and watch in wonder as God awakens his world that has been dormant during the winter months. We encourage each of you to get out and spend some time in nature during this wonderful season.

That's all we've got for you all this time. Best of luck to all of you turkey hunters out there. And, as always, God Bless and Happy Hunting.

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Tommy Nunley said...

Thanks! I love the bow so much! I'll start working on a review later this week or more likely next week.