Sunday, August 24, 2008

And So It Begins

Most hunters, regardless of what age or skill level, usually take quite a fancy to a particular buck from the moment they lay lies on it. I am no exception. This past summer we received a trail camera picture a nice bachelor group (consisting of 4 bucks) visiting one of our mineral stations. There was a yearling spike, a decent 2.5 year old buck, a nice three year old that may grow into a potential shooter and a massive 4.5+ year old that really caught my eye. The picture was taken in early July and he was already a main frame 9 with a split left G2. This split G2 earned him the nickname “Lefty.”Given a 14-16” inside spread, I would estimate Lefty to score in the mid 120s. I immediately became drawn to this buck and devoted a good bit of my time thinking of how I could score on him.

I realized that my best chance to score on Lefty was during the bow season because once the rut began my chances would diminish quickly. The next step was to get a general idea of his home range and then connect the dots to where he would be come October. During one of my shed hunting excursions this past winter, I discovered an acorn lot that had not received much attention during hunting season and was virtually untouched during bow season.
After looking at the trail cam. photo again I determined that Lefty came from the direction that the acorn lot was located. However, the acorn lot was useless to Lefty during the summer, but the surrounding habitat was not. The particular lot which I feel Lefty will vist regularly come fall is surrounded by big buck habitat. The prime feeding area is surrounded by two pine thickets and an over grown clear cut that gives Lefty supreme cover and security. Feeling sure this was part of Lefty’s core area, I decided to do a little scouting.

A few weeks back I entered Lefty’s Domain to gain an idea for stand placement and discovered an important clue. As I was scanning the pine thicket I found an enormous bed which had large buck droppings in it. I just KNEW it was Lefty’s bed. I immediately became overwhelmed with excitement and felt my chances skyrocket.

By the end of my scouting trip I had found Lefty’s bed and a nice white oak to hang my stand, I was pumped. I feel I have a great chance of catching Lefty leaving his prime bedding area (the pine thicket) in a transition zone between his bedding area and prime feeding area (the acorn lot), or vise versa. Unfortunately, I may only get hunt this stand a limited number of times if the wind does not cooperate. I have to wait for a southerly wind before I can even think of entering this setup. I don’t want to ruin my hunt before it evens begins!

Lefty is a one of a kind buck that I just hope I get a chance to see from the tree stand, much less attempt to harvest. However, I feel through hard work and careful attention to detail I feel I have put myself in the best location possible. I may not even get a crack at ole Lefty, but I can tell you one thing, it’s going to be a blast chasing after him this fall!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Virginia Outdoor Sportsmans Classic

Hey everyone! I know it's kind of late notice but I just wanted to remind everyone of the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman's Classic coming up this weekend at the Salem Civic Center. The event actually started this morning and is slated to run through the rest of the weekend. It's really fixin' up to be a great show with several exhibits, vendors and seminars being conducted all weekend.

I'm personally going to be at the "Bucks That Rock" exhibit tomorrow so stop on by and say hello! Unfortunately Damin couldn't attend this event because he just left for UVa just an hour and a half ago. Not to worry, we'll be working more events together in the future.

With that being said I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Mossy Oak Event

Hello everyone. Damin and I have some very exciting news to share with you guys. This past weekend, August 8-10, Damin and I attended the Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was our first show as Mossy Oak Pro Staffers and it was a blast!! The Fall Hunting Classic is a nationwide, three week hunting show getting all the hunters ready for another season.

We spent all day on Saturday and half the day on Sunday representing Mossy Oak, interacting with the customers and just talkin' huntin'!
It was both humbling and overwhelming to have other folks look up to Damin and I for both our knowledge in the deer woods and for advice on product and camo selection, product use and product success. Of course we said Mossy Oak! Our regional manager, Bucky Hauser, said that sales in Mossy Oak licensed products increased throughout the weekend due in large part to the efforts of us and our fellow pro staffers.

Damin and I also got to meet several of our fellow team members this past weekend as well which was also very exciting. In fact I got to spend the majority of my day Saturday with Tommy Nunley from Wytheville. Tommy is a super guy and just from hearing him talk this past weekend, he knows how to get some big bucks on the ground. Fortunately, Tommy and I will be working the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman's Classic together, August 22-24 at the Salem Civic Center. Stop by and see us!

I also had the privelage of meeting Kevin Renwick, Director of Marketing for Traditions Firearms. Kevin, like Tommy, is a great guy and knowledgeable hunter. Tommy and I spent a good bit of time helping Kevin out in the firearms section on Saturday and of course, talking hunting. In fact, I have been in contact with Kevin via e-mail the past couple days about placing an order for a new Traditions Pursuit II XLT. If you haven't seen or heard of this muzzleloader, you need to check it out. It is going make big news come this fall.

Needless to say, we entered our prostaff careers with a bang working an event as as large as the Bass Pro Fall Classic. We're blessed to have been given such an oppurtunity by Mossy Oak and, hopefully, it will be the first big event of many.